ANTHC Plans Safety Training for Rural Utility Workers

ANTHC was recently awarded an OSHA Susan Harwood grant #SH-31246-SH7 to develop and deliver safety training for rural utility and construction workers. These workers are exposed to significant safety and health hazards. However, rural utilities lack both the resources  and access to high quality safety and health training. Furthermore, rural workers are more vulnerable than urban populations when catastrophic incidents occur because of long travel times to the closest trauma care facility.

The targeted audience for this project is rural utility workers, including water treatment plant operators, rural utility construction laborers, construction tradespeople; rural utility operations specialists; village administrators; and village environmental coordinators. A 7-hour safety training, providing instruction on the highest risk tasks will be delivered under this grant at no charge to attendees. Additionally, ANTHC will develop and deliver a mobile app and learning management system to improve delivery and hands-on application of key safety concepts.

For more information and to schedule training in your area, please contact Chris Fish,, 907-729-3489.



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