From the Desk of the AEHA Secretary

Part 3 of this series features AEHA Secretary – Jeanine Vance. Jeanine is a repeat AEHA board member (thank you for your service!), and she brings in depth knowledge about the organization to the position. Learn about Jeanine’s DEC work and after hours Alaska adventures below!  

Hello AEHA Members! For a little bit about me, I’ve been an AEHA member for going on 10 years and have served on the board in a variety of roles as President, President-Elect, and Secretary (twice). I really enjoy being involved in AEHA and believe that networking with fellow environmental health professionals is the biggest benefit of the organization. I’ve met some of my closest friends during my early days of being in AEHA by attending the annual education conference held in the dungeon, I mean basement, of the old ANTHC DEHE building!

As far as work/professional life, after graduating from Winona State University (Winona, MN) with B.S. in Biology, I ended up finding my way to the environmental health field. I’ve been an Environmental Program Specialist with the DEC’s Drinking Water Program (DEC) since 2004, working in our Anchorage office. My main role is to help ensure data quality and consistency of our database that houses all the public water system information for the state. In addition to the data quality work, I spend time on rule implementation issues, staff training, the Enforcement Targeting Tool, grant work plan reporting, and EPA enforcement cases. Let’s just say, I’m never bored!

Outside of work, I’m never bored either. My husband Jeremy and I both grew up in Alaska, so we continue to enjoy the activities of our youth, i.e., fishing, camping, hiking, hunting, and rafting. I also love to travel, spend time with family and friends, and attempting to garden.

Photo (left): My first Sheefish! Thanks to fellow AEHA member Chris Dankmeyer for hosting us in Kotzebue for an awesome ice fishing experience! Photo (right): Jeremy and I ready for another adventure on the Kenai River.

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