NEHA Update


Provided by Ned Therien, Region 1 VP, June 2016

A question I receive occasionally is how to convert a state RS credential to a National Environmental Health Association REHS/RS.  At times, state registration organizations have asked NEHA to allow a window of opportunity to facilitate reciprocity.  Some folks may have not taken advantage of such an opportunity because they expected to spend the remainder of their career in one state.  Then they find the job opportunities might be greener in another state and the NEHA REHS/RS would be portable almost nation-wide.  Of course, they could apply to NEHA and take the registration exam again.
But what a chore to have to review all the study materials again!

Good news!  NEHA allows a way to get the REHS/RS by reciprocity if you have a valid state credential, have a bachelor’s degree with at least 30 semester/45 quarter hours in basic sciences, and have proof of passing the same exam used for the NEHA REHS/RS at the time you tested with a minimum score as follows:

  • 650 for the NEHA exam taken after July 13, 2014
  • 68% for the NEHA exam taken between January 1, 1998 and July 12, 2014
  • 70% for the Professional Examination Service (PES) exam taken prior to December 31, 1997.

If you are not sure your college credits will qualify, you may request NEHA to evaluate your college transcript(s).  You will need to send $50 along with a completed NEHA Transcript Review Request Form.

If you are not sure of your score or the type of exam you took to become registered in your state, check with your state registration program.  If that does not work, NEHA has some state exam score records.

The cost to complete the process to get your NEHA REHS/RS is $125 for NEHA members and $185 for nonmembers.  Of course, standard NEHA renewal fees would apply after that.

For more information about using reciprocity to get the NEHA REHS/RS credential check out or contact TJay Gerber at NEHA headquarters or 303-756-9090 ext. 328.

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