Return of the Green Star

The Green Star Program certifies businesses that voluntarily adopt “green business” practices according to the Green Star Standards for environmental stewardship. Green Star began as a program of the Chamber of Commerce in 1990 and now operates with the support of the Alaska Forum, a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Green Star supports businesses and organizations that wish to practice waste reduction, energy conservation and pollution prevention through education, technical assistance, and an award-winning voluntary “green business” certification program.

Green Star has a new Director

The Alaska Forum recently hired Doug Huntman for the Green Star Director position. Doug previously worked for the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation in the Solid Waste Program. Doug worked with cities and Tribes in rural Alaska to better manage their community landfills and reduce the sites’ impact on the environment. Doug brings with him over 9 years of solid waste and recycling experience to the program. He is excited about expanding his knowledge in the environmental field and working with business to “think green.”


Get involved with Green Star

There are many ways to get involved with the Green Star Program.  If you are a business owner, or belong to an organization it may be the right time to talk with Green Star about becoming Green Star certified. Businesses and organizations that strive to reduce their impact and practice environmental stewardship principles deserve recognition! Green Star is there to help, but the first step starts with you!

Contributed by Doug Huntman, Green Star

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