2015 AEHA Awards

The AEHA Environmental Health Practitioner of the Year award went to Ginger Provo, RN. Like other professionals who are part of the “invisible net” that protects the public’s health, Ginger Provo, a licensed RN in Alaska since 1989, contributes quietly and tirelessly. Since transitioning in 2005 to the State’s foodborne illness lead within the Section of Epidemiology, Ginger has made great strides in strengthening Alaska’s foodborne illness detection, investigation, and response system. Her contributions are significant and her efforts exemplary, making her most deserving of this prestigious award. As the Section of Epidemiology’s lead nurse for foodborne illnesses, Ginger has supported nurses throughout Alaska by updating illness investigation forms, facilitating the online availability of fact sheets, forms, and procedures, and regularly providing training. Her efforts directly help improve Alaska’s foodborne illness detection, investigation, and response. Even when Ginger does not physically respond to investigate an illness, she supports and lends her expertise to the personnel in the field. Congratulations, Ginger!

The NEHA Certificate of Merit was awarded to Keith Cook. Enough said.

Just in case some of you don’t know Keith, we’ll provide some background. Throughout his 25 years of service in the U.S. Public Health Service, CAPT Keith Cook has continually provided extraordinary leadership and has established himself as a well-respected technical expert in environmental and occupational health. CAPT Cook sustains a demanding workload as the manager of three safety and institutional environmental health programs within the largest tribal health organization in the U.S., and he is counted on to provide guidance and assistance to leadership within the organization, his peers, and junior environmental health staff. CAPT Cook is viewed as a mentor, advocate, expert, and voice of reason by the many staff he interacts with on a daily basis. CAPT Cook exemplifies mentorship and empowerment to junior staff and we are proud to award him the NEHA Certificate of Merit. Bravo Zulu, Keith!

Contributed by the AEHA Awards Committee

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